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blockchain based NFT Mobile AR game Platform

The Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) markets, which have been developing centered on games, movies, and performances, are becoming a technology that can be easily accessed in everyday life by combining with the commercialization of 5G.

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The PLAY BOX project is a game project that combines P2E (PLAY TO EARN) to earn coins while playing mobile augmented reality (AR) games

PLAY BOX intends to take the lead in realizing mobile-oriented AR games regardless of location beyond the limitations of existing AR games on the block chain, and enabling participating gamers to capitalize on NFTs through P2E.


P2E game play business model centered on the token economy ecosystem based on RPG games that can be easily enjoyed by anyone, regardless of space through mobile augmented reality games that combine decentralized blockchain, NFT, and AR technologies

Playbox Token

Road map

2022 4Q

Start of Play Box PROJECT
Listing on Exchange
PLXC Wallet Development

2023 Q1

Play Box Game beta version launch Only to partner
NFT Marketplace launch

2023 Q2

Expansion of game ecosystem additional listing on exchange

2023 Q3

Version up beta launch

2023 Q4

Version 2.0 Main upgrade
White Paper 2.0